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Life is too short to be putting up with pain

Accurate diagnosis for a long-term solution

Appropriate physiotherapy treatment

Exercises tailored for you

Advice and assistance to perform optimally

Fast pain relief and rapid recovery


Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Ease the pain with treatment
Regain and restore movement
Revive your health and independence

Quickly recover from injury

Life can change after injury
Don’t let damage set in
Avoid permanent or future problems

Fix Sports Injuries Fast

Don’t let a sports injury stop you
Get back to work and sport quickly
Perform even better than before

Neck and lower back pain relief

Safe pain relief
Hands-on treatment
Advice to prevent other pain events

Exercises Designed by Experts

Understand the problem
Get the right exercises to fix the problem
Designed for your body AND your lifestyle

Get Moving with Massage

Qualified therapists
Years of experience
Safe hands

Qualified.     Experienced.     Recognised.

Whether you have acquired an injury at work or play, or suddenly developed any aches and pains, we offer drug-free hands on treatment, exercise programmes and advice tailored to your needs to get your injury healing quickly and enabling you to doing what you need and want to be doing, as soon as possible If you’re managing staff, our very experienced physiotherapists can save you time and money and prevent injury at work and helping staff be productive.

Multiple Physiotherapy Degrees: Tutor & Lecturer

Having completed a Bachelor in Applied Science in Physiotherapy at the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences (now LaTrobe University), Leanne went on to study a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at University College London whilst practising as a physiotherapist in both the public and private sectors. She has also tutored and lectured physiotherapy students and supervised both undergraduate and postgraduate students in clinical settings.

Scholarships and Awards

Leanne has won three scholarships to study physiotherapy and has been awarded a prize in her university years, in addition to being top of the year for her masters degree. Winning a scholarship within an already highly competitive profession is no easy task, but Leanne has won a physiotherapy scholarship, a Commonwealth scholarship and a scholarship award to assist young people in the City of Moonee Valley, which enabled her to complete her specialist postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom.

Highly developed skills and knowledge through experience

Having worked for over 25 years in the public sector in the hospital and community health setting to gain experience, skills and knowledge of assessment and treatment of a wide range of experience, Leanne continues to connect with people and their lifestyles. As a physiotherapist in the private sector since 1996, she has continued to develop her mastery in fixing back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal conditions with her 8 Step process to ensure that you will be pain-free and performing optimally 

Thoughts & Feedback

I’ve seen Leanne for several different issues over the last couple of years, and each time she’s fixed the problem almost instantaneously.
Some people in life just have the magic touch, and Leanne is one of these.
She’s like a private investigator for the body…..and she’s JUST as interested in finding the problem as YOU !
She’s amazing….thanks Leanne! Danny Nicholls

Brunswick East

Thank you Leanne For listening to me, for assessing any issues with Patience, and for practising clearly well-thought out and knowledgable skills on my many problems. I have been seeing Leanne over the years when I have required it, and she is always consistent and pleasant. I highly recommend her Elizabeth Moore


Having been sitting behind a computer for many years now, my posture has really been neglected. Often sharp pain pulses have been travelling up my hand and my doctor wasn’t able to help me. Seeing a physiotherapist has been the best decision I’ve made. Not only is Leanne a peoples person, she is amazingly knowledgeable with the mechanics of the body. Michelle


I’ve injured myself at Mount Buller and had no broken bones, although my wrist continued to hurt. The doctor was not able to help me and that is when I went to see a Physiotherapist in North Melbourne. Leanne examined my wrist and gave me exercises to take home. After a couple of week, my pain has disappeared and my my strength in my wrist is getting better. Tom Barg



At Fit and Well physiotherapy, we do it differently. From initial assessment and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, our approach to health and wellbeing reflects our core values, resulting in positive outcomes for our clients. Every time.


We provide an accurate diagnosis and well-designed treatments to relieve pain, speed up healing and restore movement so they can enjoy their time at work, rest and play. The exercise plans and advice tailored for convenience and fast recovery ensure optimal performance in as short a time as possible and prevents future injury. We give our clients a positive experience from the moment they first contact with us, equipping them with information, skill and ability to perform well so that others around them can also do well.


Treat the whole person to address the
problem properly

Get people fit and well so they can be their best self

Caring, Careful, Thorough









We understand the juggle between work and life

Committed to solving your problems with tailored solutions

We want to give you the best experience for your individual needs


Why choose Fit and Well Physiotherapy

Accurate diagnosis and continuous analysis of the presenting issues ensures that each person involved with this enterprise is able to move forward to the next level on their desired path.


At FitandWell, we believe honesty and sincerity is of the utmost importance, which is why we’re dedicated to bringing you a respectful and fair experience. 


Our integrated approach involves seeing the whole person and the impact of the environments around them.


We’re dedicated to bringing complete and productive outcomes to our patients. We believe in dealing with the root of the problem, solving causes, not just symptoms.

Is there anything I can do NOW to help me address my recent injury or pain?

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