Save money by avoiding workplace injury

Workplace injury costs your organisation time and money.

If you prevent injury and treat injuries promptly, it will reduce Workcover and common law claims and costs of days lost from work.

Fit and Well for Work offers access to professional advice, worksite assessments and cost-effective treatment to enable you and your staff to get on with the job.

Save time and money by preventing injury


Identify risks and get solutions

With an in-depth understanding of human movement and the injury treatment, call upon our ergonomics consultants to carefully identify risks to workplace safety and other solutions to eliminate or minimise these risks.

By paying attention to the needs of the employees and the importance of productivity in the workplace, we aim to promote an attitude that takes a safe approach to carrying out daily operations, enhancing communication and a positive work environment.

Find out how you can make Occupational Health and Safety compliance easy by calling 9329 9338.

Save your oganisation money









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