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Quick Recovery from Sports Injury

Early physiotherapy treatment = return to sport faster

A proper examination is the first step to sport injury recovery.

Our physiotherapists in North Melbourne and Melbourne CBD will examine your sports injury carefully to assess the damage and give you a diagnosis for your particular problem. At either of our physiotherapy clinics, we will then form a rehabilitation plan for fast recovery, which may involve exercises, hands-on treatment, electrotherapy and advice to get you back to sport safely and quickly.

Get quick recovery from a sports injury

How does physiotherapy treatment aid my recovery from a sports injury?

Using hands on treatment and knowledge of current sports science research, our physiotherapists will work on your joints, muscles and/or nerves to speed up healing and reduce pain and stiffness.

An exercise program will be specially designed for your individualy needs to help you in your rehabilitation to get back to sport as quickly as possible.

The advice and exercises we provide will help ensure you stay fit and well and prevent further injury during sport, work or play.

Give us a call on 9329 9338 for our North/West Melbourne physiotherapy clinic.

Contact one of our physiotherapists in Melbourne to help you recover from your sports injury…fast!

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