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Working out at the gym or some other regular exercise to keep fit and maintain general health is a great idea. Many people visit physiotherapists and doctors with problems brought on by exercise. However, prevention is better than cure. A properly prepared fitness program could prevent many of these injuries.

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Exercise should start off gently and progress steadily. A properly trained gym instructor or personal trainer can help set up your program and manage your progress.

Certain postures and activities performed at work can also jeopardise your spine and joints. It is vital to move your body in ways that will benefit your health rather than cause injury.

At Fit and Well Physiotherapy we can help you to perform your work or sport safely and keep you strong and healthy. However, if you do have pain, we can also assist to keep your joints mobile and your muscles flexible to enjoy life more.

If you have any concerns with your work or fitness programme, our physiotherapists can check your regime and make modifications so that a minor problem does not become a major injury. We also provide and progress self treatment exercises to help you enjoy life more, so please ring 9329 9338 at West Melbourne to book and appointment.

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